Hogan Brown Loomis

What if a mid-sized business—trying to reach its full potential—could partner with a single-resource that offered the very best of management consulting, executive coaching, and a board of advisors?

We invite you to get to know HBL.

Our Approach

Our most common areas of engagement and types of questions we pose:

Market Strategy
Where is your market "sweet spot" - where profit potential is significant and your value proposition resonates?
Brand Positioning
What makes you different and better than your competition? How do you create an "ownable" identity?
Is your messaging strategic and consistent through sales and marketing communications? Do your employees embrace and embody your brand positioning?
Do you treat different customers differently? Is your approach systematic and continuous?
Customer Negotiation
How do you get comfortable having deeper conversations with customers? How do you benefit from conflict?
Business Development
Are you growing your best customers and calling on the right prospects? Do you have the right processes in place to drive strategic sales results?
People Strategy
How do you gauge competence and measure performance? How do you get the right people in the right jobs?
Do you have a roadmap to get you to your desired destination? How will you quantify progress and measure success?
Advisory Support
Where do you go for your objectivity? Who helps you to face the facts and keep the faith?

We ask the questions. Together, we find the answers. Get in touch.

Contact Information:

  • Bob Hogan

    Office Location: Chicago, IL
    Phone: 847.337.7242
  • Lynn Brown

    Office Location: Winston Salem, NC
    Phone: 336.926.1944
  • Logan Loomis

    Office Location: New Orleans, LA
    Phone: 504.304.3373
  • E-mail: info@hoganbrownloomis.com


  • Both Sides Win! The 3 Secrets for Success in Customer Negotiation.

    HBL Publishing’s on how to negotiate great return and great customer relationship at the same time. With successful practices distilled from over 20 years of high-level negotiation, the 20-page book is available through HBL Publishing for $9.95 plus shipping and handling.

    Please contact us to order your copy of the book or to get information on the Inventive and Interactive Customer Negotiation Workshop based on Both Sides Win!

  • Micro-Branding. The Mid-sized Company Guide to Building Brand Equity and Unleashing Growth

    Microbranding addresses the brand-building journey around the realities of mid-sized companies. With successful practices distilled from over 25 years of general management and marketing experience across various product and service industries, the 20-page book is available through HBL Publishing for $9.95 plus shipping and handling.

  • The Elements of Strategy. A Simple and Bold Approach to Development and Execution.

    This book presents the fundamentals of good business strategy - clearly, briefly, boldly. It begins with three tenets of strategy that form the book's foundation:

    1. Strategy must be customer-centric in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.
    2. Activities must be ruthlessly tailored to the strategy.
    3. Capturing the strategy visually and simply will improve understanding and execution. Aristotle said it well: "The soul never thinks without an image."
  • The Portrait of the New America…In order to capitalize.

    The data are staggering. US Hispanic population will surpass 44 million in 2006 and one-third of Hispanic Households report over $50k in annual income. Asian American spending power will reach $455 billion by 2007, an increase of nearly 300 percent since 1990.

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